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Unicorns coloring pages

Enjoy the cutest and most adorable unicorns coloring pages you will have hours of fun and share them with your friends.

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Unicorn story

The unicorn is a mythological creature, usually depicted as a white horse with antelope legs, goatee eyes and beard, and a horn on its forehead. In modern representations, however, it is identical to a horse, only differing in the existence of the horn.

The unicorn is the protagonist of numerous stories, tales and legends. In the Middle Ages it meant strength and was considered a fabulous animal capable of defeating physically stronger animals, even elephants.

There are three hypotheses that try to explain the appearance of the legend of the unicorn in Europe:

The first comes from Greek, Roman, and Macedonian explorations to Thailand: there were accounts of one-horned creatures, probably Indian rhinos. If the hippopotamus was called a “river horse” by Greek explorers, it seems plausible to suppose that they would likewise describe an Indian rhino as a horse with a horn on its head.

The second comes from the Viking peoples who traded narwhal teeth in the interior of Europe; the first known artistic representations of this cetacean in the interior of Europe were similar to a sea unicorn. Most likely, and since the myth is documented since ancient Greece, the Nordic peoples only took advantage of the pre-existing legend to sell narwhal tusks as if they were unicorn horns, associated with all kinds of healing properties.

The third has its origin in the discovery, in 2008, in the natural park of Prato (Tuscany) (Italy), in which a roe deer with a single horn in the center has been documented. It seems likely that this peculiarity has occurred more times throughout history. In the Prato nature reserve, they believe that a roe deer with a single horn, like the one found in their area, could give rise to the myth.1

There are also cases of goats that were born with the horns fused into one, while in other cases, such as the Lancelot goat of the illusionist Oberon Zell, it was surgically manipulated, based on the research of the biologist Franklin Dove, to grow with its two horns fused as if they were one. This type of goat is popularly called “unicorn goats”.

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