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The Best Coloring Pages

The best 100 images to color here:

On this site, children will be able to experience the pleasure of painting many beautiful pictures that represent their favorite characters or stories.

Why color?

Teachers and pedagogues, in general, always knew that the activity was beneficial for children. It awakened the imagination, improved concentration and expressed the artistic side of the little ones.

Coloring has always been well accepted by children, who tend to associate this activity with something much closer to play than with their own personal educational development.

When did coloring books become popular?

It was in 2013, with the launch of the “Secret Garden” series, that coloring books became popular, not only among children, but also among adults and teenagers.

Benefits of coloring:

According to the creators of the series, the activity of painting makes the person disconnect from problems. Research has even shown that coloring and drawing stimulate the part of the brain related to the reward system. That is, the activity awakens pleasure, relief and satisfaction with oneself.

A survey confirming the positive result of drawing and painting was carried out at Drexel University, in Philadelphia (USA). The study, published in the journal Época, also shows that when participants are “making art” there is an increase in blood flow in the brain. As a result, they feel more creative before and after activities.

What happens when it is colored?

Coloring is like eating a piece of chocolate. Both activities cause good sensations in the body and, consequently, relieve anxiety. The first, however, is healthier, does not make you fat, and can be done at any time.

Here you will find the best coloring pages online, download and print them and share them with your friends.

If you want more new drawings or a specific one, write us below, we want to know what you think.