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LOL Surprise coloring pages

Enjoy the cutest and most adorable LoL doll drawings to color, download and print, you will have hours of fun and share them with your friends.

History of L.O.L dolls

The rise of LOL dolls was a couple of years ago, in fact, they became the star toy of 2017. Little by little, aesthetic changes, adaptations to modernity and new members of the family, such as the Lil Sisters or the LOL Pets Surprise that were the dolls’ pets.

At the beginning of 2019 we had as a great novelty the arrival of the LOL Hairgoals from Series 5 “Makeover” (the latter with real hair). It seemed that there would be no more ideas to continue the growth of the famous miniature dolls, the truth is that the LOL Surpirse mansion was coming, the first accessory that would offer us a great environment where LOL dolls could become the protagonists of most fantastic stories .

What are Lol dolls?

LOL dolls are one of the most creative, interactive, and fun toys we’ve seen in a long time.

Who created them?

MGA is the creator of the LOL Surprise dolls and they have thought of everything kids want in a toy these days.

As they are?

Each ball is wrapped in 3 layers and between each layer there is a clue of which doll is inside. Once you get to the center if the ball there are 4 or 5 blind bags that include the doll, shoes, an outfit, accessories and a bottle. The bottle is used to give her water and once you have water on the doll, you squeeze it and she will cry or spit. The ball it fits in is also a carry bag, a display stand and a high chair for the doll to sit on when playing with it. There are different types of LOL Surprise Dolls

What are all the series of L.O.L Surprise dolls?

Serie Tiny Toys, Serie Lights, Serie Winter Disco, Serie Makeover, Serie Glitter, Serie Eye Spy, y la Serie 3.

Here you will find the best coloring pages online, download and print them and share them with your friends.

If you want more new drawings or a specific one, write us below, we want to know what you think.