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Kawaii drawings

Here you will find the best 100 kawaii Drawings to color, download, print, or save.

We want to have as many kawaii drawings as possible with the best quality, so that everyone can enjoy them. At the end of the images we show you how to draw kawaii

Kawaii Coloring Pages

Draw kawaii

Kawaii things are great! And it is that the Japanese have managed to internationalize the word kawaii to unsuspected limits.

Anything adorable, cuddly, cute, etc. it can be kawaii. In this article we are going to talk about kawaii drawings. Do you want to learn how to draw kawaii? Here we go! In addition, we leave you below some kawaii drawings for you to download, print and color, or use as a template to learn how to draw them.

Why draw kawaii?

The kawaii style is a fashionable style practically all over the world. This style of drawing is great for children to get interested in starting to draw because it is a relatively easy style and they will usually love it. This type of drawing helps children not to stress as they would drawing other types of more realistic drawings, which are often difficult to do.

In addition, another thing that motivates children to draw kawaii is that many times the protagonists of their favorite cartoon series are of this style.

It is also an ideal drawing mode for adults who consider themselves very bad drawers, as the kawaii style helps them learn to draw thanks to its simple and fast shapes.

How to draw kawaii?

As you may have seen if you look closely at the kawaii drawings, you will see that they are simple, fun and children’s drawings. But although it seems easy to draw them, it is not so easy. So we leave you some tricks so you can learn to draw kawaii things quickly.

The result is adorable drawings that are easy to do and go well with everything.

How to draw kawaii?

  1. Always use simple shapes.

    If you look closely, kawaii drawings are always characterized by basic geometric shapes, such as squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, etc. Its simplicity is part of its grace and its essence.

  2. The mouth in the center of the eyes.

    To make your drawing more kawaii, remember that if you are drawing a face, the mouth must be located in the center of the two eyes, never below them. This way you get a more adorable look

  3. The eyes, always bright.

    When drawing eyes, don’t limit yourself to two black dots. Although sometimes, to simplify more, or if the drawing is small, you can simply make two black dots, in the kawaii style the eyes are always big and bright. So to draw an eye, you should always make a circle and fill it with black, always leaving two circles unpainted. So you get a sparkling eye effect. As an example, look at the image below, a really kawaii look.

  4. Kawaii characters are big heads!

    Remember that when you want to draw a human-shaped character, the ratio of the size of the head must be equal to that of the rest of the body. Yes, kawaii characters have big heads to be more fun and cute.

  5. Differences between children, adolescents and adults

    Since kawaii drawings are so simple, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a child, a teenager or an adult with the naked eye. To do this, a simple trick is, when we draw the face, place the eyes, nose and mouth in the lower part if it is a child, in the center if it is a teenager and in the upper part if it is an adult.

  6. Simplify

    As we have mentioned, kawaii drawings are characterized by their simplicity, it is what makes them special. If you have in mind to transform a realistic or non-kawaii drawing into kawaii, you have to simplify.

  7. Forget about right angles and corners

    Kawaii is round! When we draw kawaii, we must bear in mind that as a general rule everything is round, with rounded and smooth corners, which gives the drawing a more childish, tender and less serious appearance. Therefore, try to avoid right angles or sharp corners unless strictly necessary.

  8. Add decorations

    When you’ve finished your main creation, you can always add additional embellishments that will bring your drawing to life and look like it has feelings. How? Well, adding decorations around your drawing like speech bubbles, stars, hearts, or any adorable embellishments that make your drawing more kawaii.

  9. When it comes to coloring, don’t go overboard with colors: use spot colors and little variety.

    We return to the same thing: simplify. Once we have our finished kawaii drawing and it is time to color it, remember that you should always use flat colors, avoid gradients, and use the essential colors and no more, to color your creation. To be more “cute”, you can always go for pastel shades, instead of using bright colors.

  10. Kawaii represents tenderness and happiness

    Kawaii drawings always try to represent positive, happy, tender, innocent and adorable things and moments. So when you draw expressions on faces, they should always have that style.

Another alternative is to print ready-to-use kawaii coloring pages. With these drawings children can practice the technique of coloring and painting. The simplicity of kawaii drawings can help you achieve good results very easily. They will also learn to handle paints correctly.

Here we leave you a video of one of the best YouTube channels to learn to draw Kawaii.

Always remember, share with us what you think, and what new drawings you would like to see.