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Cats Coloring Pages

Fall in love with these sweet and cute Drawings of kawaii cats to color, they are a real sweetness.

Cat coloring pages

Learn by Coloring

History of cats

The cat is the only animal that has chosen to domesticate itself. She was interested in the comfort of living indoors and with assured food, which explains her natural independence. That is why they never feel subordinate.

From the Wildcat to the domestic cat in ancient Egypt

The first sources that we have in which we speak of the domestic cat come from ancient Egypt, but it is known that the cat already lived with humans years before, around 5000 BC. It is during the Egyptian civilization that the human is approached and accustomed. Barns full of grain offered rodents … and food! They were adapting their character because only the tamest specimens could survive in that environment.

In Egyptian the cat was curiously called Mau which means “to see”. In fact, they believed that his gaze sought the truth and that he saw beyond death.

The cat diaspora

In a short time the domesticated cat spread from Egypt to the whole world. The cat came to India and China from the hand of Phoenician merchants around 500 BC. And it wasn’t until 100 AD. which spread throughout Europe, reaching the north and Russia. Its expansion to North America occurred in the 18th century.


From ancient predatory mammals to current felines, the main evolutionary driver has been the need to feed on other animals and overcome demanding natural selection. The cat’s ancestors are not too different from those that existed 10,000 years ago, the time in history when the Felis silvestris or mounted cat appears.


If we take a tour of the felines, their genders and varieties, we can find the genetic or kinship relationships of the current domestic cat:

Big cats: jaguars, leopards, tigers, lions and panthers; They share many aspects of their behavior with the cat, although the biggest difference is the habitat where they live.

Small cats: lynx, puma, ocelot, cat, or margay belong to the genus Felis. In fact, many are very similar in appearance and are highly genetically matched, although not similar in character.

The similarities between the bobcat and the domestic cat are so many that experts debate whether they are different species or are varieties of Felis silvestris. In fact, they can cross each other but the result will be difficult to tame.

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