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Kawaii art

The term kawaii was used only to describe the cuteness of a baby or an animal, things that are considered “authentically kawaii”. But, nowadays, the use has expanded to any kind of thing. The phenomenon of kawaii was first introduced during the 1960s with the appearance of toys in the form of stuffed animals.

Thanks to its sweet characteristics, and various themes, kawaii drawings are perfect to paint with your children because they attract the attention of children in a surprising way.

You can find pictures of food, animals, princesses, movie characters, etc. 

Kawaii drawings can be painted in the colors you want, you and your children can share a special moment every day with which you will improve your relationship with them.

Coloring book

Select the drawing that you like the most where it says choose page. You can also color it easily with the paint bucket or magic brush, perfect for younger children. You also have the option of a simple brush for those who want to touch up all the details.

Images to coloring, download or print

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New drawings of the week:

Importance of painting and drawing for the intellectual and emotional development of children.

Children are in constant emotional and physical change, so it is important to present them with tools that stimulate their development in a practical way.

A very important tool is coloring, when children do this activity they stimulate the same brain areas that are responsible for the development and understanding of the world around them. it is also an activity with which parents can interact with their children in an environment where children do not feel any social pressure.